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Our mission

Our mission is to help make our world sustainable and desirable by helping businesses to accelerate their environmental transformation, combining impact and profitability.

Our beliefs

Businesses must and will play a central and essential role in the ecological transformation of our world. They are the drivers of change, holding the resources and innovation needed to make a meaningful difference.


Businesses are not only responsible for minimizing the environmental impact of their activities, but they are also ideally placed to be leaders in green transformation by bringing impactful solutions to markets.


But a necessary condition for the success of their ecological transformation is profitability, which is the key to their sustainability. A profitability reviewed in the light of the equation People-Planet-Profit.


This profitability will come through sustainable markets which will experience strong growth over the next 10 to 15 years and which contain a multitude of growth opportunities for companies which will seize them and develop impactful solutions.


Our work in identifying thousands of sustainable solutions, as well as that of other organizations such as the remarkable action of the Solar Impulse Foundation which has labeled more than 1,500 impact solutions, show that many solutions exist today, are operational... but they must be deployed on a large scale to have a significant impact.


But this beginning of ecological transformation – because we are only at the very beginning! – is still too often done within the framework of a linear economy.

We must promote a rapid rise in the circular economy coupled with greater sobriety and put an end to the intolerable waste of our resources, and to practices such as planned obsolescence.

Gotoimpact is a young start-up created at the end of 2021, but which draws on the long experience of its two founders.

Laurent and Gérald are accompanied by a team of consultants and a network of experts on each of the transformation levers.

Our founders


Laurent, one of the pioneers of the business intelligence profession which was structured in France in the 1990s, has carried out more than 500 consulting missions, all on subjects concerning the growth markets of tomorrow. Also, since the 2000s, he has worked on more than 200 projects directly linked to ecological transformation, in sectors such as energy, mobility, agriculture, food, beauty. and cosmetics. Laurent has also hosted hundreds of conferences and workshops and published two books on business intelligence.

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As for Gérald, he has spent more than half of his professional career in the field of sustainable development, notably being in charge, at the end of the 90s, of relations with companies for one of the main environmental NGOs, already dealing with all topics that are current today. He then joined a large French group in the mobility sector and worked on numerous sustainable mobility topics and developed an international ecosystem of public and private actors around a major global event promoting sustainable mobility.

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Our methodological tools

One of the specificities of Gotoimpact is to have created market intelligence methodological tools and benchmarks allowinganalyze systematically and quickly the key characteristics of sustainable markets, to understand where the market is going, to decipher the impact solutions launched in these markets.


As examples, we have created benchmarks to analyze:

- the macro-trends which underlie the long-term evolution of the majority of sectors and markets (24 macro trends),

- customer expectations, both in BtoC and BtoB (26 customer expectations),

- key technologies, professions and digital technologies transversal to all sectors (47 key technologies),

- the economic models which structure the creation of value of companies (40 economic models),

- the strategic objectives of companies (19 objectives),

- environmental objectives linked to the 6 pillars of the European Taxonomy (42 objectives)


These tools structure a digital platform bringing together more than 2,000 impact solutions and thousands of start-ups positioned on sustainability issues. It makes it easy to identify intersections between the values of different benchmarks.

They trust us


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