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Accelerate your ecological transformation by combining impact and profitability

Make ecological transformation a performance lever

Whether out of conviction or necessity, all companies must accelerate their ecological transformation or risk putting their own existence in danger.


But to face an ecological transformation of its activities which is inevitably costly, each company must seek new growth opportunities.


The good news? Ecological transformation offers thousands of new opportunities that will allow you to combine impact and profitability.

We support you in mastering

7 key levers to succeed in your environmental transformation

Seven levers to master to succeed in your ecological transformation

The European Taxonomy, whose initial ambition is to direct investments towards sustainable activities, will establish itself as the framework of the ecological conversion of all companies.
We have translated this complex regulation into simple operational objectives for the teams.

European taxonomy


What are the sustainable and long-term growth markets to invest in?

We deciphered more than 200 sustainable markets which will experience strong growth over the next 10 years and offer multiple opportunities.

Sustainable markets


Integrate the best solutions with impact in your processes.

Get inspired of these innovations to revisit your own offers.

We support you in identifying and deciphering these impactful solutions using our market intelligence tools.

Impactful solutions


Moving from a linear economy (extract-manufacture-dispose) to a circular economy is one of the major challenges for companies to put an end to the intolerable waste of constrained resources. This is a real paradigm shift.
We support you in understanding and mastering the principles of the circular economy.

The principles of the circular economy


Digital technologies have become essential allies in the quest for a successful ecological transformation. They allow precise optimization of resources, thus reducing the carbon footprint of companies and will become essential in measuring the impact of company activities.

Digital technologies at the service of ecological transformation


The ecological transformation will force companies to revisit their economic model.

Our repository and analysis of 40 economic models allows you to select the combination of economic models which will allow you to revisit your offers and design new ones in order to create economic, social and environmental value and meet the expectations of your customers and stakeholders.

Sustainable economic models



Ecosystem innovation

Faced with the complexity, the challenges and the very nature of ecological transformation,innovating in an ecosystem becomes a necessity to access new skills, new markets, share risks, reduce costs and stimulate creativity

We support you in the creation and animation of an ecosystem and in the identification of existing ecosystems todeploy more quickly and with more force.

A unique approach

Specialists in market intelligence applied to the ecological transformation of businesses, we have developed, industrialized and digitalized asingle method allowingto quickly analyze growth markets, the deployment of innovative players and impactful solutions.


We rely in particular on differentrepositories which allowsystematic and comparative analyzes actions on the markets.


These tools structure our digital platform bringing together more than 2,000 impact solutions, illustrating in particular growth markets and the deployment of different economic models, as well as thousands of start-ups positioned in sustainable markets.

We support you in qualifying new opportunities, redefining your economic model and your offers in the light of ecological transformation and a People-Planet-Profit logic.

Advice & Accompaniement

We have integrated into our market intelligence methodological tools the use of generative AI to carry out analyzes more quickly and economically in order to encourage a quicker move to action.

Studies & Market analyzes

We have designed short training programs to enable your teams to increase their skills on transformation levers and master our market intelligence tools and methods applied to ecological transformation.

Do you carry out studies or analyses? We have also developed training on the expert use of generative AI to carry out market analyses.


We set up and lead communities of interest for you on high-stakes topics, ranging from the phase of sharing a common vision to the concrete realization of collaborative projects.

Ecosystem innovation

Our services

Finalised project

Economic models









Our mission is to help make our world sustainable and desirable by helping businesses to accelerate their environmental transformation, combining impact and profitability.

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