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The circular economy is based on several fundamental principles aimed at creating a sustainable economic system that minimizes waste and excessive use of resources:


  1. Eco-design promoting Reuse and Recycling

  2. Maintaining the value of Products and Materials for as long as possible (repair, renovation, remanufacturing, recycling)

  3. Effective use of Resources at all stages of the product life cycle.

  4. Closed loop systems where waste from one process becomes input to another.

  5. New economic models such as the Functionality Economy which favors the sale of services rather than products.

  6. Use of renewable energy in production processes, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and environmental impact.

  7. Collaboration across the Value Chain

  8. Systems thinking. Decisions made at one stage of a product's life cycle must take into account their impacts on all other stages.


We systematically integrate the principles of the circular economy into the process of creating new offers and support the skills development of teams on these subjects.

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