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- Four dimensions structure innovation in packaging: personalized packaging, sustainable packaging, accessible packaging and augmented packaging.

- The mission focused on augmented packaging with the objectives of analyzing market trends, the evolution of technologies, compatibility with sustainable packaging and identifying and analyzing innovations that could inspire our packaging innovation policy. customer.


- Overview of technologies used in augmented packaging (immersive technologies, Internet of Things, authentication technologies, Sensors, etc.) analyzed according to their contribution to the 12 key functionalities of packaging.

- Analysis of favorable conditions and challenges to overcome to accelerate the deployment of augmented and sustainable packaging.

- Identifying and deciphering “nuggets” with our market intelligence methodology.

- Identification of the main suppliers of these technologies and the main start-ups.


- Detailed analysis of the 15 key technologies:
. level of contribution for each of the key functionalities of the packaging,
. key market figures for each of these technologies,
. advantages and disadvantages

- Identification of the main innovative solutions and detailed analysis of 30 “nuggets”:
. Value propositions of elements of uniqueness
. innovation bricks used,
. economic models

- Qualified portfolio of suppliers and start-ups.


Augmented and sustainable packaging

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