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Understand the scope and diversity of business model deployment in the mobility and transportation sector.

Provide an overview of business models in the field of mobility and illustrate each business model with a few examples.

Understand the dynamics of deploying business models to meet trends and customer expectations and highlight those that could develop in the next 5 to 10 years.


Analysis of the deployment of the 40 economic models making up our framework.
Identifying which mobility markets they are deployed in or not.

Analysis of economic model deployment drivers.

Analysis of the deployment dynamics of these economic models.

Analysis of the deployment of economic models on high-stakes issues in mobility (electric vehicles, connected and autonomous vehicles, mobility as a service, fleet management, etc.).

Analysis of the choice of economic models by new entrants into the mobility markets.


Understanding the extent of the deployment of different economic models in mobility.

Understanding of the deployment of economic models underpinned by digital technologies.

Understanding the role of ecological transformation as an important driver in the choice of an economic model.

Dynamics of economic models offering recurrence of income.

Vision of economic models whose deployment should progress over the next 10 years and those in decline.


Economic models of mobility

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